bObBlE aPp

Imagine a world where you are free to express your ideas your thoughts without any restriction. A world which is full of imagination and creativity .wellllllllllll….that’s not possible in this real world…Then you might be thinking what I am talking about.
So Let me tell you this amazing truth that there is such a world. Ummmm but where?….
Well that experience is now possible with a crazy mobile App “BobbleApp”. Have you heard about it before???? If not, then yes you are at right place. This Bobble App is a mobile app which allows you to create funny images of yourself where you get options of a number of expressions to express yourself. Just download this app, open it, focus on your face, click your image and here you go. In fact you can see yourself in your favorite superhero costume as well . And that’s the funniest part of it. You can create your bobble and make it your profile pic on wtsapp or Facebook or wherever you want. If you want to be popular as well as have fun then wait for your friend’s comments and reactions about your bobble. Certainly you are going to enjoy it. In fact your fun is not limited till here only, you create bobbles of your friend with wacky faces and share it with them. And wait for their reply. Trust me you are going to have unlimited fun and never forget this experience of sharing fun moments with them. This App doesn’t limit your expressions. You see yourself in happy, sad,emotional,angry,crazy and many other expressions whichever you want to convey to your friends.
Well! What are you waiting for now. Thinking that I am exaggerating…… then why trust me. In fact go and try it once .Just download this app and have your own say.

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