Crazy Responses By Girls To The Confession Of Love

The time comes in ones life when they pop up the question to their beloved.They gather up all the courage and finally confess their love to that special girl.But everyone should be ready for surprises, you never know what reply you get from her.
While we wish the best for you, we have clubbed a few bobble stickers for you to brace yourself for all the possible responses.

She could say she doesn’t care

PicMonkey Collage1211

 You could get a tight slap from her

PicMonkey Collage112


She might not believe in what you are saying!PicMonkey Collage110

She might say she never thought this way!PicMonkey Collage90

You could be in danger
PicMonkey Collage78She might say ‘NO’PicMonkey Collage76

It could make her furiousPicMonkey Collage11No we did not want to scare you !

There is no cuter way than confessing your love with Bobble Stickers.

We wish you get the following response.

PicMonkey Collage99

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