Stickers No One Can Resist Sharing On A Friday | friday

It’s Friday and the weekend is right here!

Most people in office on a Friday can’t help but make plans for the upcoming days.As the weekend approaches the planning begins.Everyone plans to have maximum fun during those two days in their own way.

Whether you are a social being whose party begins at Friday night or are the one who keeps weekend a quite affair we have awesome stickers that you can’t resist sharing with your friends.


Party begins at friday night itself !


Movie buffs

Time for movie marathons and TV series

7 (2)

Quite days meditation yoga

After a long exhausting week some prefer a quite relaxing weekend


Those who have to go to work

The unfortunate people who have to work on weekends


The Travellers

Heading off for a two day trip friday night and coming right back to join the office on Monday

7 (6)

Sit at home

Home sweet Home – The best place to chill !

7 (3)


Malls are the best place to hangout and shopping is the best thing to do

8 (2)


Long drives can be enjoyable if you are lucky not to get stuck in traffic jams!

7 (2)


Belly dance, salsa , hip hop go try your favorite one

8 (1)

Watch your favorite sport

Now that you have time you can enjoy the matches.

7 (5)


Determined to remain fit ? Go hit the gym

7 (4)

  We would love to know which is your favorite one?Create stickers and comics with your face have some fun and amuse your friends.

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