This Independence Day Let Us See How Much You Know About India

We have been born in India and by this time we must be knowing it all so well.

This Independence Day let us see how much you know about India our motherland.

Rules of the quiz are simple

- Each correct answer carries 10 points.

- You will get 2 minutes to answer the questions.

-The questions will be based on heroes who are making India proud these days and about states and languages.

Are you Ready to begin?

1) In which state do they say


2) A super Mathematician Super Dedicated to his cause


3) He needs no introduction lets see if you can recognize him?


4) This athlete stopped playing in order to protest for equal pay for men and women in sports.
dipika pallikal

5) Which is the state where we say this greeting?bobbleapp vanakkam

6) Her journey from the railway tracks to scaling Mt. Everest is a story of a real struggle and inspiration

Who is she?


7) Which is this language?


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