I love traveling. I connect to it so much so that sometimes I feel that its my sole passion. In search of excitement and adventure I have walked the extra mile. It is like food for my soul. What music does to many is what travel does to me. Since childhood I admired movies that portrayed expedition. Sindbad the sailor caught my fascination in hindi class, the merchant of Venice in English. I still scratch my head when I think of history classes but all I remember is the great Vasco Da Gama. I have seen the serene hinterlands of India as much as the night scapes of cities like New York bustling in commotion. But I m fond of something else too. Guess what? Collecting souvenirs! But what about faces that I have seen and what about ppl who have captured my Imagination while traveling. I don’t wanna remember them plainly but with a difference. I capture their pictures and create a bobble of them. It helps me remember beautiful times spent and amazing conversations that I have had. Its a unique way of connecting to them from the heart and soul. Robble is one such endeavouring platform which helps me out to express my emotions in a whole new way. Go do some bobble shobble..Check out my Bobbles here..

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