Why First Day In College Campus Is Much Different Than Expected

A New College !!!

Everything fresh and new looking out of the world after 14 years of schooling life. Students always get excited very early before they enter their dream college. Excitement level is high and reaches cloud 9. Many get their dream colleges and many failed to have that privilege. But the first day in college is full of excitement and high aspirations as they are entering a new world of which they have only been heard from their elders. The expectations are high not for the new college but for new friends and most important thing that attracts the students of that age is the college crowd. Many Padhaaku students who tell their parents that I will focus only on studies and have prepared their future plans for that before the college even gets starts forget all their plans and prospects.


“But Truth is Entirely Different”

Everyone looks the first day of college according to their own attitude, liking, behavior nature and own desires.

Let’s have a look what actually happens at the First Day In College.

See The Excitement Level -

                                   School Mein Always Late But College Mein Sabse Pehle

bobbleapp college

Boys Appear To Be A RockStar On The First Day.

 And Girls Appear As Models.

bobbleapp rockstar

Boys Roam In The Campus Not Caring For The Classes & Singing The Same Song

Kaash Koi Mil Jaaye

bobbleapp songs


Girls Flaunt Their Looks, Clothes And Meet New Guys Looking For “Bali Ka Bakra”  Who Can Spend Money On Them Like Anything

PicMonkey Collage 27


Friends Banane Ke Liye First Day Hi Contact No. Sharing

PicMonkey Collage 28

Even Though The Ragging Has Been Banned But Still Students Wait For This Chapter

And Then…

After Reaching College Pehli Baar Dikhte Hain Young Politicians 

PicMonkey Collage 20

Ragging Ke Ustaad Who Try To Overpower Freshers Calling Them Fucchas”

7 (92)

At The End Both Sides Relax And The Day Ends With….


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