10 Things You Will Definitely Feel When You Step Into College

While in school we all dream of finishing it quickly and heading to college.The college is that dream world that offers unlimited independence, fun and excitement.College days are definitely the most enjoyable days of life.Everyone has fond memories of that time.While at college make sure you have fun each moment s this golden period would never ever come back !

Here is how you will feel when you step into the college.

The Excitement of Freshers Party

The day everyone wants to rock, everyone wants to look their best, everyone wants to make friends and have fun.

bobbleapp freshers party

The Feeling of Achievement

 No more school bus you are now old enough to travel by yourself

bobbleapp college

The Biggest Fear

Although it’s Banned now But even the thought of ragging is scary

bobbleapp ranbir

The Monotonous Feeling  

The dull endless classes that you can’t attend anymore

bobbleapp boring

The Exhilaration

When you get the attendence even after coming late to class

bobbleapp yippie

The Guilt

 When you fail or get poor score and your mothers scolds you

bobbleapp chittar

The Dilemma

Of love and relationships

bobbleapp love

The Thrill of New Experiences

Like getting drunk for the first time

bobbleapp drunk

Being broke

Except a few of you all others would have a limited supply of pocket money

bobbleapp broke

Lastly, The Joy

Of getting placed in your favorite company or starting your own

bobbleapp chak de phatte






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