10 Types Of Students You Meet In Every College

Students in college come from diverse backgrounds.But soon they merge together and acquire certain characteristics and traits that shape their identity.The students in colleges can be broadly classified into the following categories.Every college is bound to have them.

The Over Excited Ones

Whether its the first day of the semester or the last their enthusiasm never seems to dip.From freshers party to the fests everything excites them.

bobbleapp freshers party

The Gossip Lovers

They area reservoir of news they can’t keep secrets their sources supply them with latest hottest gossips in the college.

bobbleapp kapil sharma

The Teachers Pets

Their lives begin and end with the teachers.They will be the first ones to report the mass bunk.

bobbleapp jinn

The Powerful ones

They use their power to get the work done.

bobbleapp senior

The Supporters of various Causes

They want to make the earth a better place.

bobbleapp clean bobbleapp humanity bobbleapp no ragging bobbleapp swachh bharat

The Fashion Trend Setters

The fashion and style leaders of the college they are the first to try latest trends

bobbleapp fashion bobbleapp stunning bobbleapp style

The Fighters

Don’t dare to disagree with them


The Bunker

You see him only once or twice in classes

bobbleapp long time no see

The Party Lovers

Everyday is a party for them they even dress up in the party attire

bobbleapp party

The Book Worms

They love books and studies they are always at the top of the class.

bobbleapp ant bobbleapp donot disturb


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