10 Unreasonable Expectations Indian Guests Have From The Hosts

“Visits always give pleasure – if not the arrival, the departure.”
― Portuguese Proverb

An ancient phrase describes the guests that arrive at our home as ‘God’.While growing up we all must have seen the guests being revered by our family.Going out of the way for them was a custom that was considered normal.At the same time, every humble host has experienced the discomfort and anxiety when those difficult guests arrived unexpectedly.Till now some guests are really hard to please and their expectations manage to drive the hosts crazy.

Here are the unreasonable demands of the Indian guests which the hosts fail to cater to.

 They expect generous hospitality from you

bobbleapp namaste

bobbleapp banana bobbleapp eid bobbleapp tea

bobbleapp parantha

You have to Pick and drop them to places

bobbleapp rikshaw

They want you to Wake Up early ! Even on weekends

bobbleapp wake up

They don’t want your pets to be around even if you love them

bobbleapp dogs

They want you to Cancel your plans 

bobbleapp struck

You have to take them out for shopping and movies

bobbleapp shopping

Be prepared they can come Unannounced

bobbleapp long time no see

You hate it when they mess up your place

bobbleapp o why

Be ready to hear thier complaints

bobbleapp machar bobbleapp pani

And the worst of all !

Staying Forever At Your Place

You get so annoyed that you Ban those troublesome guests from your house

bobbleapp not invited

 bobbleapp ban


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