7 Signs that show you are falling in love

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”
― Sarah Dessen

You have changed a lot in a few days, everything seems different.You start doing things that have never done.Lot of us experience this in some point of time of life and figure out that this is falling in love.There are signs to tell you if the Cupid has struck you, here are the most obvious ones.

Sign 1 – Magical words

You are always thinking of the best time to say ‘ love you’ to him/her.You keep thinking of new innovative ways to impress them.

Bobbleapp love you

Sign 2- Happiness

You are happy in your life you see good things everywhere.You smile more often.Their smallest acts like texting you gives you so much joy that you can hardly hide your happiness.Love makes you high.

bobbleapp happy high

Sign 3 – So sweet

You suddenly start loving things that annoyed you earlier like gifts with hearts on them.You start loving teddys find them really sweet.

bobble so sweet

Sign 4- Hugs

Now you love them so much that you are ready to offer them free unlimited hugs.

bobbleapp hugs

Sign 5 – The wait !

You dream of the day when you will be hearing those words from him/her. You wait endlessly for the time they express their love to you and your happily ever after begins.

bobbleapp love yout too

Sign 6 – Jealousy

You get jealous of anyone who tries to grab their attention away from you.You become possessive at times you can’t control your anger.

bobbleapp grrr

Sign 7 – Revenge

You think of your ex and wonder whether this would be the perfect revenge for them.

bobbleapp ab ayega


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