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Remember when you were a child? That fun, creative and
fearless feeling. Imagine reliving that child. Creating a new
world for it, A world where all your ideas, thoughts and
opinions come to life in the form of a comic storyboard.
A world that doesn’t limit expressions, a world that lies
outside the box, a world where puns are obviously intended,
a world where you take charge.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to design such a place?
Say hello to ‘BOBBLE’
Bobble is the expressive, imaginative, poetic and vibrant
part of you. Click a selfie, choose a suitable body type, put
on some costumes, select an environment, throw some colors
Or you can select from your photo stream, a wacky library
of celebrity bobble heads and crazy templates.
Convert all your conversations, views and ideas into
bobble conversations
Let your bobble do the talking!
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  • Rakesh PaTil

    Is it available for Microsoft Lumia 535

    • Rakesh PaTil

      Tell me fast

  • pramodh kanaparthi

    this app is not available in windows 8 version . if you make for windows users also it will be good. (my mobile microsoft lumia 535)

  • pramodh kanaparthi

    you gave only for Google play and App store. what about Windows store

  • Ines

    Its awesome! it should be introduced to global,we want to help you to get more user acquisition !jsut give me feedback from here ines@chinazmob.com

  • Harsh Kathiriya

    Jai ho