Afternoon Bobbling

cachebobble_20150301_113331One afternoon, I am sitting bored just browsing through the app store and I come across this app called BOBBLE APP , I look over at the description and the pictures and they have these really cool animated personalized bobble head of famous personalities, I downloaded the app and started exploring. The App size is quite manageable of about 15Mb. The startup process is pretty smooth, simple innovative instructions and thank god no irritating login requirements. The app takes you straight to camera mode where you can click an image of yourself or your prank victims obviously as it uses both primary and secondary camera. After clicking the pic, It transforms the face into an ideal bobble that is has just the right amount head size! (huge of course ) followed by the goofy body also varying in different fitness stages. One can make crazy combinations using body types, clothes, background.
So lazy that I was that afternoon, didn’t even feel like clicking a selfie, so juts picked a perfect selfie from my gallery because there is an option for that too ! Step1 done. My goofy big head is now supposed to be given a body , obviously I chose the fit hunk, duh ! Since all us Indians can think of right now is World Cup, I chose the Indian cricket uniform although there was tough competition from the Shaktiman costume and HeMan attire. Ignoring the wide array of face expressions I opted to keep it simple. Continuing with the feel of patriotism , choosing the India gate background was only the most logical option, although me as a cricketer on a stage would have been equally amazing.
Finally I have this cool bobble version of me within seconds. All that effort does not go in vein because one can download the bobble or share it across all the usual list, instagram, Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, bbm.
Really loved the application, totally unique and a new way to goof around with your friends and loved ones, the app has all the options and varieties of designs to cater to anyone and everyone’s fantasies. The user interface, the graphics, sharebility of the creative all are pretty great and it is definitely the top trending app in the makings. I think you guys should check out this app, its available on both Android and IOS, so the choice of phones wont hamper your friendship.
Do Download the app, create different bobble share them , upload them on Facebook or just play with the big head because that’s fun too !


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