BobbleApp fulfilling my imbecile fantasies


Remember those fancy dress competitions ? When all you wanted was to be dress up as your ideal superhero or pokemon or according to your own reverie. What if I say, now you still can appear as one of them, without actually wearing a dress ? Sounds perplexing ? Let me help you find a way out of the maze.
With rampant advancement in technology, BobbleApp is one of the inventions which is completely mind-bobbling and allows you to Jiggle A Little.
After watching Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani (the movie), Ranbir Kapoor was all over my mind, like totally. Like any other teenage girl I just wanted to pour out my feelings to him and get a picture clicked to show it to my girlfriends. One fine day I was just scrolling through the playstore, looking for apps that could create my caricatures or anything cartoonish, and I came across this BobbleApp. The app is absolutely amazing. It allows you to click selfies and create bobbles. You can modify your facial expressions according to swings, lets you spruce up as He-Man, Superman and like many more. The given templates allow to conceive comic strips with various famous celebrities. And I could innovate one with Ranbir <3 . Couldn’t be happier. I know I sound a bit cheesy, but who cares.
You can dress yourself as Shaktiman,create create a comic strip with Ranbir Kapoor <3 ,…… rest I leave it on you to explore, bobble your mind and set those horses of imagination in a race.
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