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Bobble Makes me a Night Rider
Bobble Makes me a Night Rider

Bobble App, My Strange yet everlasting experience with Bobble App.
Its funny how I could never realize how entertaining my own face could be through this crazy funky Bobble Application.
One Day, I was just normally sitting in my college classroom, struggling to keep my eyes open. This had now become a customary routine for me with nothing new to do on phone and nothing interesting to study in class. But that one Class was Different. My Friend, interning with Google, told me about this upcoming application on Android Market. Bobble! The name itself was so intriguing. I was curious what could it be, could it be that thing which could break the monotony and VOILA, It Opened with the face of Barney Stinson Jiggling! It gained my attention, now I wanted to know what was it about. I opened the next stage of the application and now it asked me to click a selfie, I couldn’t understand why but when I went to the next step I was amazed! I had my own Bobble! Now I could put in any body type any clothes any facial Expressions and background for my bobble! Suddenly my classroom seemed an interesting place due to Bobble. After this I decided to explore the application more and it kept surprising me at every stage! Now I had the options of putting myself in a comic strip with virtually anybody , be it either Salman Khan or Alia Bhatt or Even Sunny Leone! By the time I could just explore some of the features my class was already over. Now I wanted to know more, I started making comics with not just my bobbles but also by making my friend’s bobbles. Then an idea struck me. I made an entire comic with this application using the pictures of my friends, which I shared online and got a call from a Comic Magazine.
Well, there is a lot more than what meets the eye and surely a lot more than just the normal selfies people click, for that more Try Bobble! Experience the Bobble and I guarantee, “You can’t Just Use once.”

For Experiencing the Amazing World of bobbles , try now!

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