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The BOBBLEAPP is one of its kind and probably one of the very few Indian applications that are competing with international applications of its kind like Blitstrips and so on. This app gives you an unique opportunity to make your caricature and share it with your friends across almost all the social platforms. Undoubtedly this can be taken as a betterment over Blitstrips which allowed only readymade faces for your character. But Bobble App lets you click photos and make caricature thereof. In addition to this the app allows you to put the face in numerous settings and moods. There are a wide variety of body types, dresses, expressions available for the users. You can even create comic strips with all various celebrities in different backgrounds and surroundings.

My friend suggested me the BobbleApp. The application was interesting to use and added a new spark to my facebook and twitter profiles. I took my selfie and I was ready to go. My photo was turned into a caricature and I could add different body styles and clothes and expressions to my bobble. In short I had created a cool avatar for myself. I could use it on all the platforms. The app had plethora of customisations available. There were a lot of options of using the celebrity bobbles which were there in the app by default. The app allowed me to click a photo of my friend and therefore I was able to create custom comic strips with my friends or celebrities. I could change my expressions, clothes and backgrounds unlimited number of times. The app’s biggest advantage is that you can create multiple bobbles by clicking your image once in the start.

It is easy and fun to use and surely allows you to go the extra mile while expressing yourself.
Although the app is new but it has a lot of potential and surely can be a world leader in its category. The biggest plus point- It is free. So go ahead and download. Spread your Bobble. Try it!5321002748e3fee80e28816057e7a5fd

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