Bobbling away..

Hi there!

I am an adult. I am 23. If only, I could care less about my vegetables decaying in ‘my’ Farmville or may be not smile with gleaming eyes and clap when I saw my candies disappear unlocking levels after levels, dying numerous deaths. Ofcourse, I get attached; a little too much.

Then, BobbleApp happened to me (and a few of my friends too). Being survivors of the ‘selfie’ wave, we thought we had seen it all. But BobbleApp made us realize that there could be more to those smiles or laughs (or pouts, may be). This app can take me anywhere I liked, be anyone I want and have anyone and everyone say what I liked. All I had to do was click a good selfie (haven’t we practised that enough already?). Yes, it is that simple. Once I had the perfect selfie (or maybe not, the built-in eraser helped me perfect it), I had to pick out my favourite dress. Next, I was asked to choose the background to my utopian world. over the counter cialis Then, all that was left was to give it that swing of my mood. Voila!..the magical me was ready for the world to see her.

Later, I caught myself working my charm at my friends’ selfies. Yes, I got hooked and in the process, I found many diverse uses for the app. What else,the perfect Facebook and WhatsApp world is a happy place again!

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That’s my bestie bobbling with me! *sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet*

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