Certain Things That Only Indians Can Understand

There are many things that have originated in India and are unique to the Indians.
Indians have certain situations, words, expressions coined specially for them that fit so well.They manage to become popular amount the people and become part of the daily communication.

Ho jayega yar
Anywhere in the world the phrase ‘ho jayega yar ‘ would mean ‘your work will be done’ but in India it means completely opposite.


Towel dance
Who doesn’t know the towel dance?
Towel dance has been invented by none other than the famous bollywood actor Salman Khan.


Ek dum jhakas
We say this when find something or someone outstanding,mind blowing and superb.


Aata mhaji sattakali
Marathi phrase used to express your anger it literally means ‘I have lost my mind’


Baba ji ka thullu
The latest one becoming popular these days, invented in a comedy serial on TV which means nothing.


So ja warna Gabbar a jayega
A threat given by mothers for children to sleep warning them of a scary bollywood villian.


We all used this one when we were kids.Saying Katti meant you will no longer be friends, but mostly the Katti was broken in a short while and you became friends again.


Chappal padegi
Using the footwear to teach the rowdy boys a lesson is common. It’s an angry girl’s favourite weapon.Every Indian girl must have used this once in her life to a guy who teases her.


Toh main Kia nachoon
‘Toh main Kia nachoon’ in reality means should I dance ? But here in India it is a sarcastic comment when you don’t know how to react to a situation.


A phrase used by guys when they spot a hot and sexy chick.


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