Lies That Each One Has Said Atleast Once In Our Life

We were always taught to speak the truth.Speaking truth is always considered good while speaking lies harms our relations immensely.But there are situations where it becomes impossible to stick to the truth and so manage by speaking little lies.

In many situations where hiding the truth becomes unavoidable, here are some of them.We bet you must have said these words at least once in your life.

Your friend calls to know when will you reached !

The Lie : – I am have already left the house and on my way

The truth :- You haven’t yet started

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Your mom asks you about the guy you always hang out with 

The Lie : -He/She is just a friend

The truth :- You are in a relationship

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You know you wont get the permission to go out if you tell the truth

The Lie : -We are going for joint studies

The truth :- You are going for a party

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When you go to a government office

The Lie : – Dont worry kaam ho jayega

The truth :- Forget about the work

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You need a day off from work

The Lie : -I am not feeling well

The truth :- I need a break

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Your attempts to loose weight

The Lie : -I am on a diet

The truth :- You can’t resist the food in front of you

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