My Bobble

Lincoln has said that, we all have something in our-self. Creativity is a part of our life and this can be shown through our work. Bobble app is one of the platform where we can express, imagine, share our ideas and thoughts.


It was a Sunday afternoon when I first created my first bobble. I clicked my pic,within a minute the part


of my face was extracted and the layer of my face was portioned. I didn’t like a part of my hair and quickly used the eraser to shelve it off. Wow, i was able to increase/decrease the size of the eraser.

The head was placed on the skeleton body. Now, the game begins. I had a lot of body postures to be chosen.  I am a thin boy and decided to go with the slim posture.  There were different types of clothes. I chose to wear a superman wardrobe. Lastly, I stood myself in a background full of stars, moon flying in the sky.



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