Stickers That Best Capture Your Emotions During The Exam Fever

Examination time is definitely a testing time.The fear of exams grabs us weeks before they start and sometimes haunts us even days after they are over.With exams comes a period of time where we spend long days in our study rooms doing nothing but studying.All sources of entertainment are restricted by our parents slight negligence on our part invites a never ending lecture on the importance of scoring good.

Exams come and go we feel a mix of emotions during each time.Here are some which you have definitely felt or will experience in future.

 When the Topper of the class tells you he has not studied for the exam

8 (1)

When you know the answer of each and every question

7 (6)

When the question paper is out of course

7 (5)

When the cheater is told by the invigilator to sit on the front desk

7 (4)

When your friend tells the answer of that one question which will help you pass the exam

7 (2)

When someone calls night before exam to tell they have covered the syllabus and have revised it twice

8 (2)

Night before the toughest subject

7 (3)

Midnight snacks by mom

8 (3)

When the exams are over its party time !



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