Stickers That Best Express Your Feelings In The Delhi Metro

Delhi metro takes countless passengers from one place to another each day.Each metro journey is not exactly the same as the previous ones.Sometimes we travel in jam packed metro experiencing technical lags at other times (the luckier times) we get to travel with utmost comfort with ample space to sit and relax during the journey.
During these metro rides we all experience mixed emotions here are some feelings that you definitely have during the metro travel.

The Winner

The time when you manage to conquer a seat even at the most crowded metro station.

7 (3)


During the peak summers a person drenched in sweat stands too close for you to even breath!


The lady with a cranky noisy kid comes and sits next to you

8 (2)


That strong guy stands right near the gate and you cant reach on time at the exit to get down at your station.

7 (4)

The metro is already full and you secretly wish no more people board the train.

7 (2)

Love at first sight

Its your lucky day when that cute guy or girl sits next to you.



You are too tired for the day but then you have to sacrifice your seat for a senior citizen.

8 (3)

And when someone asks you to adjust and make some space for them to sit 8 (4)

At peace

Metro is almost empty you can enjoy the journey being at peace.

8 (1)

The unfortunate ones

People who end up losing mobile phones or money to the pick pockets.


7 (5)

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