Stickers That Bollywood Fans Can’t Resist Sharing

Bollywood has countless movies with unforgettable dialogues.No one can deny the joy of quoting a famous dialogue from a movie while conveying their thoughts to others.These filmy dialogues no doubt add more drama and excitement to our daily conversations which tend become boring and dull sometimes.

They maybe emotional, funny,sad or sarcastic there is a famous dialogue from a movie for each and every occasion.We all have our favorite ones that we love to quote.Here are some of the cool stickers with bollywood dialogues that wouldn’t  be able to resist sharing with your friends.Add to the fun and excitement of sharing your bollywood love by adding your own face to these fun stickers!Shock them make them smile and laugh with your creativity.


Sholay dailogues must be the most quoted and most loved ones.

7 (5)

7 (6)


The jadu ki jhappi for your loved ones

7 (3)


For the action fans

7 (4)

Gangs of Wasseypur

And finally from Gangs of Wassepur

7 (7)


We would love to know which is your favorite one?Create stickers and comics with your face have some fun and amuse your friends.

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