The Bobble Transformation | no expression bound


Bobble app is a next level app which takes Bitstrips experience to new heights. The platform which allows us to design our own bobble (stickers in general) which evades the need of having the line app which is known to have a reasonably good amount of enjoyable stickers. The integration of the application with platforms like facebook, whatsapp e.t.c makes the monotonous chat experience lively, so the social animals NEED NOT BE DORMANT NOW!!!!….

Go as wild as you want to be as now expression has no bounds,

No feeling would be drowned,

And every sensation would have a surround sound,

Well, using this app has boosted my creativity level to a great extent. In Today’s time when every thought has a different perception; the expression is dynamic, unknowingly we tend to hunt for entertainment in all aspects of our lives, let’s face it, so why stick to the old black and white communication. Gone are those days when messages used to be sent by pigeons, if we have the technology and still don’t use it to the maximum I think there is no one foolish than us. Simply following the black and white trend by just making an excuse of ease, if that is the point then chatting over stickers is even more easier and funfilled!, Trust Me.

So, let’s come out of the rat race and try breathing in an altogether different world and you only think how much time does it takes to get adapted? May be you’ll have an even better story to tell, who knows. So, what are you waiting for go to GOOGLE PLAY: Bobble App Jiggle A Little, literally guys. Just give it a try

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