The Most Common Superstitions That Are Part Of Our Life In India

Whether we believe in them or not we all will agree superstitions are rigidly practiced across the country.Its not lack of education that encourages these blind beliefs but even the educated ones follow them.Here are some of the common ones that are practiced all over the country.


A black cat crossing your path is inauspicious.

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Kala tikka

Kala Tikka often used to ward off the evil eye

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People don’t have a shave, haircut or cut their nails on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday believing that it is bad luck.

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If you sneeze before an important task you bring ill luck

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3 – The combination of three is considered unlucky.

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Calling You At The Wrong Time

Bad luck if someone calls your name when you are leaving the house

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1 rupee shagun

Gifting INR 101 is more auspicious than INR 100 adding INR 1 makes it better!

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 There are many other beliefs not only in India but in all parts of the world.With time some of them have faded while others are still popular.There might have been some logical and scientific explanations about them in the past.As they are being passed from one generation to another it is important to not follow them blindly.


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