These Simple Thoughts By Dr. APJ Kalam Will Definitely Inspire You

Dr. APJ Kalam – A man who earned respect and love from citizens of India and all over the world in a simple yet powerful life.

He made a huge difference by reaching out to the youth inspiring them to do good .With compassion for all and intelligence beyond compare he contributed in his own ways to make this country a better place.He taught us that coming from an humble background cannot hamper your dreams.As he went on to become the President of India his life proved us that hard work and integrity can take you to any heights that you set your heart on.His selflessness and dedication to his motherland is a great motivation for the youth.

The whole nation is mourning his passing away.The missile man will be dearly missed.We will no longer be able to hear him speak again but surely his words will be in our memories forever.

Here is collection of the beautiful thoughts by Dr Kalam that we must live by.



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On Knowledgebobbleapp dr abdul kalam On Purposebobbleapp kalam
On Being Remembered

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On failurebobbleapp failure

On Gratitude

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On Leadershipbobbleapp leadershipOath for The Nation
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On Achieving Excellence

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Which is your favorite thought which one inspired you the most?

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