Things You Can’t Help But Feel During Summers

We Indians suffer from unbearable long summer months every year.
With the temperature setting new records every year it’s impossible not to fret about it.While we can’t help cribbing about the weather lets have some fun with BobbleApp stickers.We are sure you must have experienced these feelings.

The feeling during Frequent power cuts

7 (4)

Feel like bathing every time you come from outside

7 (5)

8 (1)

Electricity bills exceed with ACs running throughout the day

7 (2)

And you can’t wait to attend the pool partiesĀ 


When you waking up too early because the room becomes so warm with the sun

8 (2)

You just wish that you could fly away to a cooler place

7 (3)

The happy feeling when the rains bring some respite from the heat.

7 (6)

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