Things You Would Definitely Experience During These Rainy Days

Monsoon has already hit most of the country by now.The rainy days have brought a respite from the extremely unbearable hot weather. But at the same they bring too much of chaos and inconvenience every year .You look up at the sky to see the picturesque clouds everything looks more beautiful during the rains.At the same time you will notice countless things going wrong.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to passIt’s about learning to dance in the rain.’

Vivian Greene

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Here are the things that everyone experiences during the monsoon spell.

Those who wake up early

go out for a jog

experience the beauty and serenity of the nature.

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No matter how early you start for work

you get struck in the massive traffic jams.

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The joy of sharing a cup of warming tea.

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You can resist making and consuming those lip smacking fried dishes.

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The attack of the monsoon insects in your city leaves you annoyed.

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The feeling when it rains instantly after you enter your home.

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The hopelessness when you fall sick.

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Steeping out in the set of clothes that would be least harmed during the rains.

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There are days with non stop rains

and you could do anything for it to stop

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When your plans have to be cancelled because of sudden rains.

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The rains make you feel love is in the air.

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Sometimes it is really scary to see the streets immersed in water

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Do you love rains ? Tell us how you feel during the monsoons.


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