What Will You Ask For If You Meet A Jinn Today

Yes we all have grown up.And now there is no time in our lives for the things that taught us to dream during our childhood.We all have unfulfilled wishes. And there are always some things that we really want in our lives.

Lets imagine today as an extraordinary magical day.A day where you suddenly discover a lamp with a jinn in it.

bobbleapp jinn

And suppose this supernatural creature asks you three wishes to fulfill.

Have you ever thought what would these wishes be.

Here are a few that we could think of.

To be Rich and own your favorite car

bobbleapp salman khan

To travel around the World and explore new places

bobbleapp travel

If you are single -Find your true love or soul mate

bobbleapp love

To turn yourself into a Super hero and save the world 

bobbleapp katrina kaif

You want fame -You could become a Rock Star

bobbleapp rockstar

Need a break – More leisure Time to relax and have more fun

bobbleapp aamir khan

Tired of Insomnia – A good peaceful sleep in the night 

bobbleapp alia bhatt

You need an Idea that will change your life

bobbleapp idea

Need Good luck to be successful in everything you do

bobbleapp good luck

An escape from all the troubles you are facing right now


Trying hard to quit smoking but can’t – To stop an addiction


Make Earth more Beautiful and Peaceful


What would you wish for if a jinn appears in front of you?What are the things in your life that you really really want ?

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