What Women Say And What They Actually Mean | women

Human minds are complex and difficult to understand.People often say something and in their minds they think completely opposite of it.And women specially are good at pretending.Their words and thoughts are so confusing that it becomes really tough to interpret what they mean.Here are a few things that every women will say but mean something else.

The time when she says she is doing ‘fine’

but inside she knows that she won’t be able to do it alone.

bobbleapp fine

The trickiest question for every man to answer his better half.

You will never what is the correct reply to this one.

bobbleapp pretty

Its time to go out,

 she will tell you that she just needs just a minute to get ready.

But you will end up waiting for her for minimum half an hour.

bobbleapp ready

Share a secret with her

she will promise not to tell anyone

but it definitely doesn’t include her bestie.

bobbleapp secret

There are times when she will tell you to go ahead

and do it but inside she feels don’t you dare do it.

bobbleapp go ahead


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